Navigation For Blind & Low Vision People – Tactile Maps

What is a Tactile Map?

A Tactile Map is a map that is designed to be read by touching through the use of one’s hands and fingers. Originally tactile maps were produced purely for blind or visually impaired users, but with modern design and manufacturing, they are being produced for everybody’s benefit as communities look to become more inclusive.

At Universal Braille Signs we can manufacture braille and tactile maps for the blind, visually impaired and everybody else. We have produced tactile maps for parks, public transport networks, street maps, and numerous floor plans. Tactile maps provide improved navigation wayfinding for both people with and without disabilities.

Tactile Maps provide the perfect option for conveying extremely useful information to all users. Hospitals, clinics, and other health service areas can improve their visitors experience by providing their clients and patients with detailed maps of their buildings and departments. Greatly increasing accessibility and independence.

Here at Universal Braille Signs our tactile maps generally have raised lines, bumps, shapes, text and braille, all produced with contrast which benefits the entire community. All the labels are in braille with compliant sized large print. All our tactile maps for the blind and vision impaired have a key or legend which provides a full explanation of all the symbols used on the map. At Universal Braille Signs our tactile maps for the vision impaired have been designed to be easy to read and interpret.

Tactile mapping is growing in Sydney and across Australia, they allow visitors to quickly and easily learn about their surroundings and current location. Improved information communication means improved experience for all, not just the visually impaired. Tactile maps are appreciated by locals, people new to the area, and travellers.

As demand is starting to grow for tactile maps in Australia, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways we can introduce our tactile mapping to the community to improve the lives of all using the very latest accessible information.

If you would like more information on Tactile Maps for your building, community, or workplace, please contact us today, we’d love to help you increase engagement with a tactile map!