How we fulfil your requirement of BCA Statutory Signage?

Approved Statutory Signage Requirements BCA & AS

At Universal Braille Signs, we keep up to date with all the latest compulsory compliance measures to meet Australian Standards (AS) AS1428 and guideline requirements for statutory signage requirements in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). In accordance with the BCA, all new and redevelopments across all industries from Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Retail alike require statutory signage to be installed in order to gain certification.

Statutory signage relates to the facilities services which include electrical, fire, communications, exits and amenities, within the establishment. To ensure you get the correct statutory signage you need to be aware of the following:

  • Signs must be highly visible for all Exits & Fire Exit doors; all occupants of the building should be made aware for improved occupational health and fire safety.
  • All Australian Fire doors need to be compliant with regulations set out by BCA (building Codes of Australia and NCC (National Construction Code)
  • Fire Door Signage must be permanently displayed and never obstructed.

The following sign is an example of Statutory signage as required by the BCA (Building Code of Australia) and must be all fire doors at eye level preferably


NSW must also display a statutory sign outlining the “Offences Relating to Fire Exits”. This sign must always be displayed permanently, on either the fire door or next to the door. There are extremely strict rules and regulations pertaining to FIRE EXIT Door Signage throughout Australia. We can help you decide what you need.

Universal Braille Signs manufactures, distributes, and stocks a wide range of Statutory Signage in an assortment of materials and processes. And because we manufactures these signs ourselves right here in Sydney, we are also able to make custom made signs.

  • Aluminum Lettering & Braille
  • Stainless Steel Lettering & Braille
  • Etched or Engraved & Paint Filled lettering & Braille
  • Digital Print Lettering & Braille

For more information on Statutory Signage or to find out what signage you need, please contact us directly!